Are you tech-savvy, or do you prefer to run your business old school? While you can certainly keep some aspects of your business tech-free, it is becoming increasingly important to integrate technology into your restaurant in order to continue to thrive and grow. But don’t worry; technology does not have to be complicated in order to be effective. An intuitive waitlist app like Kyobee will allow you to stay on top of the tech trends while being user-friendly and simple to integrate into your business. Here are three quick reasons to begin integrating tech into your restaurant.
1. Technology elevates the customer experience of your restaurant by providing simplicity and ease. As Tripleseat News (a sales and event management app) writes, the point of technology is to provide simplicity. This simplicity is especially beneficial when it comes to the customer experience. As Tripleseat enthuses , “Technology has always had a strong, positive impact on the restaurant industry….Technology offers a means to speed up processes and improve the customer experience. Thereby, achieving the goals of the restaurant.”” This rings especially true in the current season of navigating life in a pandemic. Customers have enough stress outside of their dining experiences, and need streamlined and quick restaurant experiences so that their meal is one less thing to stress about. Incorporate technology into your restaurant in order to make the customer’s job easier, and watch your customer base grow.
2. Technology keeps your customers safe and satisfied. As Toast highlights in their article , allowing guests to pay at their tables increases their feelings of safety. Specifically, Toast explains that “In the Guide to the Restaurant Guest During COVID-19 , 34% of guests said that contactless/mobile payment availability is now extremely important to their dining experiences. And 33% of guests said that pay at the table technology is extremely important to their dining experiences.”” By allowing guests to pay at the table, Kyobee increases guests’ feelings of safety and security, while helping you to run a seamless payment operation.
3. Technology provides a streamlined process for customers and employees alike. As Ordering Stack reports, companies “lose up to 75% of their customers due to waiting times.”” Clearly, wait times are a big deal for customers. Thankfully, Kyobee allows customers to check in and see their exact place in line on their mobile device, so that they feel in control of the waiting process. Instead of harshly asking a hostess how much longer they have to wait, customers can simply check their status from their phone, seeing how many parties are in front of them and what the estimated wait time is. This feeling of control makes customers less stressed and frazzled, while simultaneously streamlining the process for both customers and employees. Are you starting to see the value of incorporating technology into your business? Technology is a win-win; customers benefit from a simple and safe experience, employees benefit from a clear and streamlined process, and employers benefit as they see their customer and employee bases increase in satisfaction and growth.
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