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Enhance your hospitality operations with Kyobee’s advanced solutions

Your customers receive the top-notch hospitality care they deserve when they use Kyobee! They can easily check in, make reservations, and get necessary notifications. This is to make sure that both you and them are able to schedule your times and activities effectively.

Keep the rush flowing with our Live Waitlist Link – never miss a beat

  • Before your customers even step foot into the restaurant, bar, or club, Kyobee takes care of their waiting experience.

  • Kyobee revolutionizes the waiting experience by minimizing wait times, and providing personalized services.

  • When the customers check in, we’ll provide them with a live waitlist link and automated reminders, so they know exactly when it’s their turn.

Effortlessly track and fulfill customer requests for a seamless experience with Customer Requests Dashboard

  • Track the tables by creating floor plans and assigning customers.

  • After being seated, customers receive a link to send table requests on their phones so you can keep track of them all.

  • Additionally, assign assistance and keep track of how long requests have been open so that you may effectively manage your resources.

Simplify your operations with Kyobee’s Waitlist and Reservation Management

  • Kyobee offers you a dashboard where you can manage both walk-in and reservation customers.

  • Mark no-shows and incomplete parties as well as send personalized texts on top of automated ones.

  Salon and Wellness

Kickstart the journey to stress relief and wellness from the moment your customers check in!

  • Our advanced systems streamline the entire process, eliminating long wait times and allowing customers to secure their spots in advance.

  • Give your clients the ability to view actual wait times and receive notifications when it’s their turn!

  • Make your own floor designs, assign customers to tables, add helper assignments, and manage their requests.

Streamline the customer experience with Kyobee’s Easy Self Check-in procress

  • Customers may easily check in using a device that you can install at the entrance of your business.

  • Once they have checked in, they are free to roam or wait in their cars while we keep track of the waitlist in real-time and alert them when it’s their turn.

Let Kyobee handle the heavy lifting while your team focuses on creating unforgettable experiences

  • Waitlist management is one less thing for your personnel to worry about! All walk-ins and reservations are displayed on our simple-to-use waitlist dashboard.

  • Similarly, the Table & Alert dashboard makes it simple to assign tables to customers and the staff member assisting them at your establishment.

Stay ahead of customer requests and stay on top of your game with Kyobee!

  • For instance, customers can quickly request a yoga mat using the requested link that is delivered to their phones after they are seated.

  • Additionally, you get notified upon a new request and get access to check how long ago it was put in.


From planning to perfection, Kyobee is your magical solution for stress-free event management

  • Massive crowds can be accommodated without any issues via multiple check-in stations.

  • As attendees sign in at various check-in stations, all devices get updated simultaneously keeping your staff up to date.

  • Offer your attendees the chance to register and provide them automated alerts when it’s their turn.

Effortless for Attendees, Effortless for Staff

  • Attendees are at peace in a crowded environment because they are informed when it is their turn.

  • They get access to real-time waitlist tracking via a link, letting them know when they can expect to be seated.

  • As Kyobee takes over the responsibility of informing guests when it’s their turn, staff stress levels are also decreased.

Elevate attendee experience to new heights

  • Attendees can choose their preferred seats when placing their names on the waitlist or booking a reservation.

  • You can reserve places based on their favorite seating arrangements so they get what they want.

  • If needed, you can easily reassign attendees to another table with Kyobee’s easy-to-use re-assign feature.

Your Voice Matters: Kyobee Welcomes Your Special Notes and Requests

  • Attendees can enhance their waitlist experience by leaving special notes and requests.

  • With Kyobee’s intuitive dashboard, you can effortlessly manage and track these details.

  • Plus, you have the flexibility to communicate with attendees through personalized text messages, ensuring seamless and direct interaction when needed.


Streamline your patient check-ins and reservations effortlessly with Kyobee

  • Patients feel at ease when Kyobee is there at your medical facility.as they are not required to wait in the same room with other patients.

  • Kyobee not only makes the environment healthier for everyone but also notifies patients upon their turn.

Embrace the wait, with Health and Safety as your top priority

  • Upon check-in, patients can wait wherever they prefer with Kyobee’s real-time updates.

  • This improves the overall quality of healthcare and makes it safer and healthier for you and your patients.

Unlock the extraordinary with Special Notes and Requests

  • Capture every detail, and fulfill every desire with our Special Notes and Requests feature.

  • Patients can include any notes when adding themselves to the check-in, such as wheelchair access, a female doctor, and much more!

  • In order to be prepared to help patients in need, you can also set up a list of pre-defined requests that patients can input once they are seated.

HIPAA Certified

  • Patients can rest easy knowing that their information is kept private and secure as we abide by all applicable laws and maintain our HIPAA certification.

  • We are here to assist with the process while adhering to established guidelines since we appreciate the importance of confidentiality.