Are you in the restaurant industry and looking to re-open as the pandemic comes to a close? What does life after a pandemic look like, and how can you adjust and accommodate during these changing times? Here are some current trends in the food industry to get you motivated and empowered to rise up to these challenging times.
1. To-go is the new default. As author Carrissa Pahl enthuses in her article , “For restaurants, takeout is the new normal.” Pahl explains that chefs are now cultivating menu items that look appealing in takeout boxes, and that disposable items such as menus and cutlery are going to be indispensable in this new season. Stay on top of this trend by offering disposable items and by creating pre-packaged meals that are both quick-to-eat and appealing. Take time to brainstorm menu items that look appetizing in to-go boxes, and make the presentation of these boxes look professional (and delicious). When opening your in-person dining, consider utilizing eco-friendly disposable cutlery and menus for a time, in order to help guests feel safe and comfortable.
2. Technology trends are here to stay. In his article on food industry trends , Sudip Saha explains that the inventive tech trends in the food industry will remain even after COVID dissipates. What does this mean for your restaurant? Start implementing contactless payment options, waitlist apps, and pay-at-table features. Kyobee allows guests to see their waitlist status from their phone and make their payment at the table. These tech-savvy features allow customers to feel safe while enjoying their dining experiences. Additionally, innovative technology allows your restaurant to stay current and safe while cultivating a smooth and streamlined process for customers and employees alike.
3. Focus on keeping guests informed and comfortable. Regan Stephens relates chefs’ predictions regarding restaurants after the pandemic in her article on Food & Wine. She reports that it is not enough to merely perform safety measures, but that customers must be aware of those measures. Simple examples of how to notify customers include having signs that say “This table was sanitized,” installing touchless hand sanitizing stations, and having a safe distance between tables. By focusing on the customer experience, you will give your restaurant an open and safe vibe. Since customers do not know what you don’t tell them, be clear through your signs and policies that you are taking safety precautions. This shows the customers that they are valued, and will increase their likelihood of frequenting your establishment. Through making your menu items to-go friendly, incorporating technology trends, and keeping your guests in the loop about your safety precautions and procedures, you will be following the savvy restaurant trends and enabling your restaurant to begin opening up safely and effectively once again.
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