A Message from our CEO

Jenis Shah 

Chief Executive Officer

Email: jshah@kyobee.com

Phone No.: 310-491-8420

“Here at Kyobee, we value relationships and ethics. Our clients are our top most priority and with our dedicated team, we feel confident to help our clients achieve success with our technological solutions catered to each industry.”

What We Do

Kyobee is a powerful tool specifically conceptualized and built to empower hospitality professionals to deliver premium customer experiences in at every single visit, while simultaneously increasing operational efficiency for both guests and the internal service team members. Business owners can leverage the analytics data to determine the marketing strategies for higher ROI.

Kyobee includes both guest and business owner facing modules. Guest facing apps support Apple and Android platform. Business owner facing modules can run in native app mode or a variety of browsers on various operating systems, like Windows, MacOS.

Our Mission

Create a Ladder for Success

One of our missions is to create a ladder for success for our clients and part of this comes from our well thought out solutions for various industries. We constantly keep up with the trends and try to expand our focus to ensure that we are adapting. Moreover, our openness to ideas and constant hunger for innovation drives us to come up with technological solutions that can reduce the cost for our clients.

In addition, our core values of inclusivity and diversity drive us to work in collaboration with people across the globe that helps us get different perspectives. This in turn helps us provide the customer service and solutions that our clients seek and makes us stand out from many of our competitors.

Use Technology to Break Barriers

We believe in technology as a tool to break barriers and part of what we do reflects that. Our modules are driven by the latest technologies in the market and aim to provide path breaking solutions, so our clients are always succussing.

Through our worldwide network, we connect with all our members and keep in touch with the latest technology so that we are constantly improving. Our clients reap these benefits as they get access to the latest software and modules that further help them with their day-to-day operations.

We also believe heavily in analytics and part of our modules offers analytics so that our clients can understand how their businesses are performing and what can be done to improve. Technology combined with analytics is the way forward and we hope to help all our clients achieve success with this combination at their business.

Integration, Security, and Privacy

We understand that most of our clients use other products and solutions and therefore, we at Kyobee value integrations to make it easier for our clients. Through our API, clients can easily integrate with their existing systems in place.

We also ensure security is at it’s peak as Kyobee takes full consideration of all aspects and works towards filling any loopholes that can lead to a security breach in any manner.

In terms of customer’s privacy, while Kyobee collects the data it also ensures that it is not shared with anyone through its encryption policies in place.

Make it a routine to help customers.

With Kyobee features, unlocking customer success is effortless. It caters to every customer, leaving you worry-free.