Skyrocket your sales and customer satisfaction to new heights with Kyobee’s tailor-made features, paving the way for your ultimate success.

Kyobee’s irresistible features will win the hearts of your employees and customers alike. Streamline your business operations, boost sales, and ensure a delighted clientele with our cutting-edge tools.

Dive into our detailed features below:


Waiting made effortless, waving goodbye to all the hassle.


Give customers a choice to sign up for your walk-ins or make reservations while offering real-time waitlist information. Additionally, enable your customers to

a. Receive notifications when it’s their turn.

b. Choose their preferred seat.

c. Add any specific notes before they are seated.


Easily manage your walk-ins and reservation guests with real-time updates with our Customer Tracking Dashboard to stay in control and informed.

The dashboard allows you to:

a. Send text messages to customers, keeping them in the loop.

b. Update customer counts, seating preferences, and notes to ensure a personalized experience.

c. Easily mark no-shows and late parties, keeping your operations smooth and efficient.


Maintain communication with customers by using our pre-written text templates for automated updates and reminders delivered to customers for:

a. Letting them know when it’s their turn so they never miss their chance.

b. A friendly reminder sent the day before their appointment to make sure they remember and get ready for their visit.

c. Promptly informing customers of any modifications made to their reservation, assuring transparency and averting any unpleasant surprises.

Table & Alert Management

Table Assignment and Request Tracking,

simplifying your operations!


Create multiple virtual floor plans that replicate your business setting and get access to:

a. Efficiently assigning tables to walk-ins and reservations while maintaining customer flow.

b. Monitoring open, occupied, and other relevant table statuses in real time and keeping you posted when the status changes.

c. Assigning devoted assistants to occupied tables so that customer service is at best.


As soon as they are seated, a link is delivered right to their phone, giving your customers the convenience of sending table requests. Our feature-rich system also offers the following functionalities:

a. A live bell icon with open requests appears on the table.

b. A section with a live wait time that shows how long a request has been pending.

c. A comparison of the number of requests that were and weren’t filled on a certain day.


Gain the flexibility to reassign customers to different tables or floors effortlessly with our intuitive system. Unlock a range of features that empower you to:

a. Preserve customer history for future use

b. Automate all open table requests to the newly assigned table.

c. Close the table, making it auto-available for the customer in line.

Customer Interaction Made Easy

Chat Bots

Conversational bots created to spike your sales.

Take advantage with our:

Give your customers a chance to glance over your menu on their phones while they are waiting!

Automated Menu Link

Customers get menu link sent to their phone once they check-in!

Appealing Menu

All items and categories with pictures are shown to make the menu stylish and appealing.

Reduced Order Time

Reduce customer ordering time as they access menu before being seated so they are ready to order as they get seated.

Point of Sale – Hospitality Industry

Speed up your restaurant operations with Kyobee’s POS system designed to take care of all types of orders and payments so you can enhance your customer’s experience.

Easy to follow take out shifts

Create take out shifts and assign menu that are offered during those shifts to make it a streamline hassle free process!

Dine-in and Take-out tabs for convenience

Manage dine-in and take out orders with ease using separate tabs made for you and your staff’s convenience.

Contactless payments supported

Take payments from anywhere!

Customer Insights

Gain customer insights to understand and analyze their trends and tastes so you can adjust accordingly!

Past Orders

Their past orders and locations of visit.

Previous Bot Engagements

Past interactions with the chatbots.

Tags to filter customers

Tags based on their history including loyalty and much more…