Special Occasion Bot

Connect with your customers using the Special Occasion Bot to learn about their memorable events and reward them for returning to celebrate with you.

A bot created to record noteworthy events from your customers and award them with coupons or incentives dependent on how you want it configured!

Revolutionize Customer Retention with a Bot Like No Other

  • The Special Occasion Bot is a unique bot that uses a conversational tone to engage your consumers and collect information about their special days, including birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions

  • Nex up, you get to choose how to reward your customers beforehand so that the Special Occasion Bot rewards them accordingly! You can also specify a validity period for these rewards, giving yourself the complete control

Ignite your Response Rate

  • We politely remind your customers that engaging with the Special Occasion Bot is the key to reaping rewards with your business!

  • Additionally, customers get to choose if they don’t want to be reminded again giving them complete control.

  • As customers are guaranteed a reward when they engage with the Special Occasion bot, the majority of customers like to engage bringing up your sales!

Confidential yet powerful

  • Customer information is kept private, and they are made aware of this so they don’t feel their private information getting leaked.

  • Moreover, you can attach rewards depending on the special day shared with you and use our analytics to see which campaign worked the best for you!

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