Missed You Bot

Customers who either cancel or do not show up for their reservations are contacted by our Missed You Bot.

This is a never seen before bot that compiles customer reasons for not giving your business a chance, and then compensates them accordingly in an effort to persuade them to give your business another chance!

Regain your Lost Customers!

  • Missed You Bot allows you to re-engage with customers who cancelled or did not show up to your business. This brings in our ideal customer flow designed to help you take advantage of any missed opportunities.

  • Once engaging with the bot, customers get to choose from our pre-defined list of reasons for not being able to make it or if they like, they can leave a detailed reason as well!

Make an Impact That Lasts

  • We send your customers regular text messages drafted in a soft tone to remind them to interact with the Missed You Bot.

  • Depending on the reward you attach to each reason, the Missed You Bot persuades your lost customers by giving them that particular reward!

Embrace Free Analytics and Seize Every Opportunity

  • You can monitor chat history and access the free bot analytics that can help you learn why customers have been neglecting your business.

  • Through this bot, you get to consider all factors that are leading to customers not choosing your business and make adjustments to your business goals and their execution accordingly.

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