Get self-check-in restaurants.

Long wait times and long queues have become a bigger issue due to increased staycation guests and staff shortages. 

But those are a thing of the past now.

Self-check-in restaurants with an intelligent automated process give their customers the finest experience and save them important time.

With KYOBEE WAITLIST at your business, you will have contactless self-check-in restaurants that are easy for your customers to sign in with.

Our smart automated app allows the customers to self-check in and receive notification messages informing them of their assigned guest number, parties ahead of them, approximate wait time, and live updates.

We help you get business in your restaurants with self-check-in by providing efficient, reliable, and quality service that makes your customers happy and satisfied. 

Skip the desk, and let customers self-check in!

Customers in the self-check-in restaurants can sign in before arriving using the Kyobee waitlist app. This is simple to perform without physical contact on a smartphone or laptop/PC. Restaurants with contactless self-check-in systems provide the best user experience.

We provide two options for you for contactless check-in restaurants-

  1. Reserve your seat/table before your arrival.

  2. Book your seat/table as you walk in.

Why contactless restaurant check-in is good?

It is essential to comprehend the necessity and advantages of self-check-in restaurants before using them. 

These are –

Boost online bookings with the latest technology.

In a world where youth find ‘self-check-in restaurants near me’ using the latest technology. It is important for you to utilize online booking providers.

Provide the best user experience in restaurants with contactless self-check-in.

Ensure your customers return by providing them with personalized communication.

How Kyobee helps restaurant owners?

Kyobee gives you the freedom to design your self-check-in restaurant’s interior as you see fit as a business owner. Streamline the process of managing available and reserved tables for you easily. Reserve tables for your customers, and show availability and wait time in their pockets.

Provide live updates with SMS, save time, and live stress-free, just by creating the best contactless check-in restaurants for your customers with us. 

You are just a step away to say goodbye to all the frustrations of your customers by integrating Kyobee waitlist in your restaurants. It eliminates the long queues at the desk. Also, let customers reserve their seats before arrival.

Kyobee saves time, smoothes the process, and reduces human-related errors. Additionally, restaurant owners can design the place as they wish.

Hence, you can provide the best experience to your customers with the help of Kyobee. What are you waiting for?