Waitlist apps are increasingly being implemented into the restaurant industry. They’re an efficient and effective way to manage the waitlist process and provide top-notch customer care. Waitlist apps help businesses to run smoothly, while also increasing the customer base and satisfaction level for businesses as well. Here are some simple but powerful ways to use your waitlist app as a tool to build your business.
1. Waitlist apps ensure beneficial customer experiences. “3 out of 4 customers say a positive experience influences their loyalty,” according to this article on TablesReady. It is difficult to give customers positive experiences if they are feeling stressed or rushed during the first part of their visit. Waitlist apps allow customers to have a seamless experience from the very beginning through virtually checking in and seeing their wait time, and apps like Kyobee even show customers the number of parties in front of them. This way, customers have a positive experience from the start. This positivity will boost customer loyalty, building your business.
2.Waitlist apps free up your employees’ time to focus on customer care and business building. . Market researcher Yana Petlovana explains that waitlist apps can lead to “better staff productivity.” She elaborates that: “Queue management software helps a restaurant’s administrative staff organize the restaurant’s work and avoid the chaos of managing several waitlists at the same time. A waitlist system also gives personnel knowledge of what they need to prepare for particular customers.” Is your hostess overwhelmed and trying to manage customer service while jotting down waitlists and calling out party names? Petlovana’s insight is true; waitlist apps free up your employees to focus on other parts of the business to ensure that each customer feels cared for. This builds your business by giving employees time to learn more about the company and focus on other aspects of customer care including preparation, promoting various features of your restaurant, and even creatively working on new business projects.
3. Waitlist apps keep your customers safe and your restaurant on top of the safety standards. As society begins re-opening after the COVID-19 crisis, it is important to keep your restaurant safe and inviting. Digital waitlist apps are a wonderful way to do just that.Since waitlist apps do not require contact (as Carbonara’s article explains), your guests will feel comfortable and grateful knowing that they are being kept safe. Additionally,implementing contactless options such as Kyobee’s pay-at-table feature allows guests to minimize unnecessary contact and crowding, further keeping your restaurant safe and comfortable. As customers take note of your safety measures, they will feel protected and eager to return to your establishment
Waitlist apps promote a beneficial customer experience, allow employees to focus on important areas of the restaurant such as safety and customer care, and keep your restaurant ahead of the trends in safety and contactless options. Which feature of Kyobee excites you the most as you think about building your restaurant business?
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